Stock Water Reticulation

Farm services or stock water

Getting water to stock on a rural property can sometimes be an issue. As farmers develop more ground area and expand into neighbouring farms, some properties do not have a water source. Farmers fence off creeks or streams to prevent stock from drinking and entering the water to maintain the water quality. This therefore means a new water source is required.

Investigating water sources on your property

J G Smaill Ltd will investigate a new water source, such as building a dam, installing a bore, connecting a supply from a designated rural supply for stock water and then install troughs and install pipes through the affected areas of the property. The water is then piped out to the troughs for the stock and ensures a constant supply across the property. 

Dam Construction

Dams are often built on a high point of the farm and often collect in one or two gullies as the water source. The dam is constructed and during this process a pipe is installed at the base of the dam to allow this being the draw off point for the water supply. It then passes through the preferred parts of the farm to where the water is required to connect to the troughs. 

Bore water as stock water

Bore water can often be used as stock water. On the Taieri there are many different water quality types. We used experienced people in the field of water detection to determine the best source of water. Once this is located, a drilling rig will then construct the new bore, confirming information about the likes of depth to water, static head of water, litres per minute at which the bore will perform, the drawdown point and all technical information with regards to that particular bore. J G Smaill Ltd can then size and install the required pump to deliver the water around the farm.