Septic Tanks/Treatment Plants

Septic Tank Design & Installation

Septic tanks for domestic, commercial properties & dairy sheds

J G Smaill Ltd are one of only a few Dunedin City Council approved septic tank design and installation companies. Mike is also an approved designer for nationwide projects. Each septic tank design and installation project is individually designed and quoted to be fit for the purpose whether that be a domestic dwelling or a dairy shed. All installations require council approval before installing can begin. The design of a septic tank installation is done to match the demand, area for disposal and the land quality. It is also based on access to the site, for example a narrow driveway or other hazards (powerlines, water tables and boundary fences). Septic tanks for dairy sheds are a simple design and most installations are very cost effective.

Council approval for septic tank design

J G Smaill Ltd will take care of the full design and installation process of your septic tank including applying to local council for approval. We have experience working to many councils' standards including Dunedin City Council, Clutha District Council, and Waitaki District Council.

How big should your septic tank be?

An undersized, poorly designed or under-maintained system may not adequately cope with your household's wastewater. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure on-site sewage systems are maintained and operating correctly to avoid endangering human health and the environment.

Some recommend 165 litres of water per person, per day, but we see this as a minimum. We recommend to base tank capacity at a usage of 180-200 litres per person, per day to ensure the tank size is adequate.

An on-site sewage system can deal with all your black and grey water. The systems require correct design, installation and regular maintenance to dispose of wastewater from your home safely. Poor design, installation or maintenance may result in the system polluting the environment and putting your family's and your neighbours’ health at risk.

Septic tanks are the most common way that rural homeowners across the Otago region treat their wastewater, whether it is for domestic or commercial (ie dairy industry) use.

Find out more about Septic Tanks including what septic tank brands J G Smaill Ltd offers, the process involved in installing one, how they work, and how to care for your septic tank.

J G Smaill Ltd have completed plumbing work on two houses that I have built in Outram, one in 1994, and one just three years ago. Along with the plumbing and associated drainage work, both houses required the installation of septic tanks. The first tank was a residential installation, while the most recent tank was rural, and so necessitated setting up a soakage area.
Being Outram residents themselves, they understand that septic tank systems are a critical part of a house build for clients that do not have access to Council administered sewerage systems. J G Smaill Ltd can advise, design, and install, the best and latest type of Council approved systems for new builds or upgrades of old systems. They can also arrange the necessary consents and permits.
I’d recommend J G Smaill Ltd for any plumbing, drainage or septic tank installation. They’re always friendly, obliging and their workmanship has always been completed with pride, and on time.
I would never use any other business for my plumbing or drainage requirements.
— Brian Doherty