Sports Field Irrigation

Installation, test, commission

J G Smaill Ltd have experience installing, testing and commissioning large and small scale irrigation projects for golf courses, stadiums and sports fields. 

Golf course irrigation 

Designed by Parkland Products (Christchurch) contracted by J G Smaill Ltd, golf course irrigation systems are run off a weather station which gathers information about recent rainfall, wind direction and speed, temperature and humidity and relays this to a computer. The computer then sends out the signal of when to start and stop irrigation of the designated area. Each sprinkler is individually controlled.

J G Smaill Ltd have commissioned many golf course irrigation schemes throughout Otago including Sir Michael Hill's championship golf course, The Hill's Golf Club, Jacks Point Golf Course near Queenstown and Chisolm Park in Dunedin. 

Irrigation at Chisolm Park Golf Course has recently been completed by J G Smaill Ltd. This project included installing new pipe work, sprinklers and associated wiring around the perimeter of the greens and tees. On the fairways, J G Smaill installed a new water main with connecting lateral to the existing sprinkler grids. A back flow prevention device was also installed along with water metering and different watering cycles were set to allow for wind direction.

Forsyth Barr Stadium irrigation

Forsyth Barr Stadium is the world’s only permanently covered stadium with a natural grass playing field. J G Smaill Ltd were the chosen contractors to install and commission the irrigation system to keep the grass green and growing under the roof.
Installation of the irrigation system incorporated installing pipe work, overhead sprinklers and controls and installing under ground drip line of approximately 12.6Km. The irrigation system used at Forsyth Barr Stadium collects data from an in ground environmental system which is then collected and processed. A chosen pre-program cycle is then selected to suit the conditions i.e. Ground moisture percentage. Irrigation then commences automatically. 
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