Drainlaying in Dunedin and Otago

Domestic, commercial and industrial drainlaying

J G Smaill Ltd undertake all forms of domestic and commercial drainage including foul water and stormwater pipes, repairs and maintenance, and water connections to existing pipelines. We can also provide a new water service for new homes and buildings.

New drainage installations

The majority of the drainage work undertaken by the team at J G Smaill Ltd is the installation of new connections, foul water pipes and storm water pipes for new buildings, whether that be a new house or a new commercial/industrial property. J G Smaill Ltd work alongside and have strong relationships with many local builders and contractors throughout Otago and will ensure the plumbing of your new building complies with regulations.

J G Smaill also complete small subdivisions. One of our latest projects was the subdivision of five lots which has included all the external works, installing new water, sewer and stormwater connections into the road and connecting to the Dunedin City Council (DCC) mains, installing manholes and connections to all five properties. This involved organising many different trades including all traffic management, asphalt cutting and reinstatement and all asset locates i.e. power, phone, fibre etc.

Commercial/Industrial drainlaying 

As a Certifying Plumber and Drainlayer, J G Smaill Ltd has worked on numerous large-scale commercial/industrial projects in Dunedin and Otago.

One project is the completion of the community swimming pool in Lawrence, a small Otago town inland from Milton. Work at the pool included services for wastewater, stormwater and the removal of surface water from carparks. As well as all the plumbing on this project.

J G Smaill Ltd was involved with the Mataura Valley Milk project completing a large amount of the drainage for the boiler which was completed in stainless steel drainage pipe.

The experienced team has also completed drain laying on commercial projects from cafes and restaurants to large industrial warehouses and factories. These would include Fletcher Easy Steel, Radcliffs, Scott Technology and the extension, AB Equipment, TL Maclean, CHEP Building, Otago Road Services, Lawrence Gymkhana pump station. For Dynes Transport we completed commercial drain laying for a truck wash, workshops and office block.

Unblocking Drains

Along with years of experience, J G Smaill Ltd is backed by the newest technology when it comes to unblocking drains in Dunedin and Otago.

Have you got blocked drains?

J G Smaill Ltd can investigate and unblock drains using a jetting unit and camera to identify and then remove the blockage. The unit has a high-pressure water hose that unblocks drains (called jetting of the drains). High-pressure water punches through the blockage to enable the drain to continue its normal use. Not only that, but this jetting unit comes with a root cutter which is an attachment that goes on the end of the high-pressure hose to cut away roots that may have penetrated the drain.

J G Smaill Ltd can perform a CCTV camera sewer pipe inspection

We can also film and locate the drains with the drainage camera and save these details onto a USB stick. The drainage camera also has a sonde which we can locate to identify where there are any drainage connections or faults with the drain. The camera is also used to inspect drains to determine the quality of the drains, so we know whether to repair or replace.

J G Smaill Ltd are here to help unblock a drain

Whether it is a blocked kitchen drain, sewage pipes or emergency drain unblocking, contact J G Smaill Ltd today. We’ve been in the plumbing industry since 1975 and have the latest in technology to identify your blockage, whether it’s tree roots, a blockage that can be removed with a high-pressure water jet, or video footage of that precious wedding ring, J G Smaill Ltd are here to help.

Domestic drainlaying & ongoing maintenance

Along with new drainage installations into new homes, J G Smaill Ltd undertake drainlaying of new connections for renovations and extensions of houses. This also includes the installation of foul water pump chambers when the sewer service for the property is higher than the intended sanitary fixtures.